My DS Could Beat The Crap Out of Your DS

May 16, 2009

Well, yesterday I got the DSi and screen protectors (which, while protect very well, are a pain in the @$$ and I can’t get then off to remove that hair from under them! DAMN IT!!!) and it is awesome. I’m going to give pros and cons in my own way.


DSi Store with games and internet browser.

(Super fun) Camera with ways to decorate/edit/morph your photos.

Sound editing/playing program. (play your music w/ and SD card)

Sleek, smooth design.

1/4 inch screen enlargment.


Photos only .6 MegaPixels.

No GBA slot (had to sell Guitar Hero 😦 )

Still not a physically strong as the original DS (also a problem with DS Lite)

High price tag ($179.99)

Well, that’s it. I got it since my DS Lite broke. There’s a story behind it but I won’t go into it. All in all, a solid system with some fun add-ons. If you’re willing to spend the money on it you’ll have a good bit of fun. But if you’re just getting you’re first DS and don’t want to spend a sh%@load of money then just get a DS Lite.



One Response to “My DS Could Beat The Crap Out of Your DS”

  1. squirtle189 Says:

    i got a DSI a few weeks ago! i agree it is awesome

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