A Series I Reccomend

May 17, 2009

Update: First book: Phenomenal! Second Book: Great! All the Other Books: Crap

Hey, I’m sitting on my couch watching TV right now when I remembered something I had to share with you guys. The series The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. It’s a hilarious, action filled book that’s a must read. So get off your @$$ and go to the library. Or if you want to spend a couple bucks at Barnes and Noble that’d be even better. I wasn’t paid to do this or anything I just really love these books.



3 Responses to “A Series I Reccomend”

  1. Roucky3 Says:

    Nice Idea.. Waddle on!

  2. ~Davy~ Says:

    I agree with you, about the mild language on this blog. It’s quiet annoying ’cause I can never really explain how I feel, because it’s pointless to put it on a blog for clubpenguin. I feel like that most of the time “If you don’t like bad language, JUST DON’T GO THE ****ING WEBSITE!!”


  3. Roucky3 Says:

    Why don’t you post?

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