Question To All You Tech People

May 26, 2009

OK, I have a problem. I have a DSi (super cool, I know) but it’s got a few problems that I think are from my old damaged DS Lite. OK, so I used to have a DS Lite (it got broken, wah!!!) and it had been dropped a few times and the games still played but had a couple glitches (lines on screen, black in places that should have an image, characters acting strange, ect.) and since I played every game except my brand new one I just got on it they all have save data from my old DS Lite. Now, when I put them on my UN-damaged DSi would the damaged software infect my DSi? Since the games all still do it and my new game too and my main menu on my DSi has a blue line on far right side of the touch-screen. Is there a simple way to fix this or do I have to call up Nintendo and have them wipe my DSi and game cards? Please answer, I really need this!!! If you answer I’ll put a whole thing about you in a video on YouTube!!! PLEASE HELP, EVERYONE!!!

Things I’ve Tried That Don’t Work:

Cleaning with a cutip (or however the hell you spell it)

Blowing the dust out



6 Responses to “Question To All You Tech People”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Ok my sister just has a one of the very first kind of Nintendo DS’s and she dropped it in a Target parking lot her screen had black dots and was had a slightly darker screen then before. She only had one game and that was MySims. She got a new DSi the day it came out and tried out her MySims game. At first it said that there was no game card inserted so me and her tried wiping off the game with a Q-tip and then doing the same for the game slot. It worked and her game worked as good as new! I’m not positive if it will work the same for you, but I do know I had a Nintendo DS Lite and I dropped it in a lake by accident. My mom called the Nintendo people and they said that they would send me an exact replica of my old DS that worked, but only if I sent them my broken one after I got the new one. It only took about 5 days for it to get to my house and the game did work like it was supposed to. So there’s 2 options for you, hope they work!

    Colin: Damn, the second won’t work since my DS Lite is completely dead now and I tried the second one. Didn’t work. Thanks for trying to help, though. I appreciate it.

  2. miguel Says:

    MY DS fell down i checked and my DS screen the one on the top so i has alot of lines so mabey your ds could be broken

    Colin: My old DS was broken this one’s in near mint condition.

  3. andrewfmtx Says:

    hmmmmmm…im SMART but i dont have a DSi but lets see…if your old ds had problems…and the games act the same…but the new game…sorry dude only way is to wipe the games memory

    Colin: Yes, but if that game doesn’t work then I’ve just wiped my games memory and I still have a glitchy game. I might have to but I’ll keep waiting for responses.

  4. ~Davy~ Says:

    It’s simply the game. See, If the game was damaged, it’s like ripping a page out of a book. You could read it, but it would say on one page maybe “Harry” Then at the next page “House” So thats like “Harry–House”? Same with microchips. If something gets damaged the thingys (I’m naming them thingys because they have a complicated name I cant spell) I’ll finish this comment later, I have to go.


  5. ~Davy~ Says:

    Move around, complicating the game. The DSi is programmed to try and correct this error (Well, as far as I know…) But it can cause glitches anyway. It’s best to do the following 2 options:

    1. Just stop using them game’s, and buy new ones.
    2. Get an expert to look at the game, and the console.


    Colin: Davy, it does it on most all my game’s (like 11 of my 12) and the console is in perfect condition except for the fact that the games may have infected it!

  6. ~Davy~ Says:

    Oooh right, my bad. Well then you should just go for number 1.


    Colin: It does it on my new one too. 😦

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