“Hero” News

May 27, 2009

OK, I’d just to give you people some news. As you most likely know Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits is coming up but here are three games you probably haven’t heard of yet. OK, now here’s one you probably guessed would come out. Guitar Hero 5! Yes, there are songs they haven’t used yet, LOL. Probably won’t be much special but who knows, maybe it’ll be a huge hit. The next thing up may either: Excite you, surprise you, majorly piss you off, or make you throw your mouse at the screen (really piss you off). DJ Hero. OK, you may be thinking “OK, this isn’t so bad.”. Go to the link and look at the the Godd%#$ picture. WHAT THE &$@# IS THIS??? I dunno, maybe you’ll think it’s kinda cool. But, uh, really… Oh, and one more thing that I don’t have a link to. Band Hero. Wait a second… wasn’t that the point of World Tour? No, this is gonna be a family friendly game. Rated E10+. Oh, come on, it’s not like Guitar Hero is that harsh of a T rating as it is. I mean, have you seen COD3 for the next-gen systems? No, not for the PS2 but for the others. Ugh, Activison what the hell are you doing to one of the best gaming franchises since Ratchet and Clank?



One Response to ““Hero” News”

  1. forced *** ******* Says:

    hmm. funny..

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