Tech Question Flat Out

May 30, 2009

Let’s see if any of you can answer this. On a DS, if you had a previously damaged DS that displayed problems in the games but then got a new DSi and played the games that you played on the damaged DS would the problems then transfer over to the new system creating an un-fixable problem since the DS is physically (outside and in) in perfect condition? If you can help that’d be great and, yes, I will make a video on YouTube thanking you and if you have a YouTube account I’ll friend you if you solve my problem.



5 Responses to “Tech Question Flat Out”

  1. ~Davy~ Says:

    Well, yes. If the game itself has errors, then obviously we know whats wrong. If the DS was damaged, it will move things around. Then when you insert this game into a new DSi, them objects on the games microchip that were moved can cause errors. Now, here’s the complicated part. If the Micro-chip was in trouble, then the DSi may adjust to it’s new settings. This would explain why the new games also were acting funny. I may be wrong, but so far, I’d say this is the best theory you’ve got.


    Colin: I probably would’ve gotten the same answer from Nintendo except a little more watered down if you know what I mean. Thanks, so basically, I’m stuck with a little bit messed up DSi. I just wanted to know what was wrong. Ah well, my PS2 is still in close to perfect shape.

  2. ~Davy~ Says:

    So, eh, I got the right answer? So I get a prize? Lol sorry, I’m just, in a wierd mood right now. I don’t mind if I don’t.


    Colin: Sorry, you only get the prize if you told me how to fix it. But, since I now know I can’t…

  3. ~Davy~ Says:

    O.O Oooh. Lol XD well, I don’t know what your thinking, but, eh… keep thinking it XD


  4. Ok, It will not transfer if it has lines on the screen. For example If you have a game and threw your DS, Ds lite Dsi, It would usually have lines on the screen so…. I need to know what is the problem in the game but it should work and not transfer it.
    Nintendo Ds Expert

    Colin: OK, I’ll name an exact problem in one game. In Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood whenever you go into combat there is blue line (slightly transparent to the background) on the very top of the touch screen. That same problem is in Brain Age 2. Except it’s on right side which, in the game, is the top.

  5. Dav45623 Says:

    I see….. It has a line i see….. Does it also happen to your other games?

    Colin: Yeah, in just about every game. In fact probably all except I just haven’t noticed in the other one or two.

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