June 1, 2009

OK, can anyone suggest a great (preferably HD) camcorder. I have a digital camera that takes beutiful 10 MP pictures and the video quality is not too bad but the sound… OK, it’s not that the actually quality of the sound is bad but it’s too damn quiet. So, I was looking at the Flip Ultra and the Flip Ultra HD but those things are expensive! Since Christmas isn’t anytime soon and my birthday already past I need to find a a good, cheap camcorder. I don’t mean $15 cheap I mean more like around or under $100. If you help I’ll be grateful.



2 Responses to “Camcorder?”

  1. ~Davy~ Says:

    Webbie HD Camera MHS-CM1 great camera, but $189.


  2. ~Davy~ Says:

    Has brilliant sound, aswell.


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