June 20, 2009

Hey, I was watching Die Hard 2 on TV last night and since it’s on TV they edited it to make it TV-14 and it was actually kinda funny. Usually, when they edit a movie for TV they change what the person says. Like when I watched Terminator (1) on TV instead of saying “f*** you, a**hole!” They say “Die, you scumbag!” But apparently they couldn’t get the voice actors to do that for this movie. So they just blank it out. One part one guys goes “What do want me to do? Shut down the whole —-ing airport?!?!”. Anyways, I was just thinking, if WordPress had a censorship app (application) that’d be really cool. But, they can’t do that. Atleast for now. I think I’ll have less cursing on here.



3 Responses to “Censored”

  1. Kiopyt Says:

    http://xat.com/web_gear/chat/activategroup.php?id=1343307701 Hey its me adam again wana meet me on my chat today tell me what time suit you
    😀 ~Addy~

  2. Kiopyt Says:

    Hey me again here my new xat chat tell me what time suits you

    Colin: Sorry, dude, but my computer doesn’t go to the chat it just goes to a different Xat thing. :/

  3. Kiopyt Says:

    Ha! sorry I wrote it in wrong
    there thats write

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