Ideas For My Flash Series

June 22, 2009

OK, so as you ought to know by know I’m taking a Flash animation camp over the Summer and if I’m good I was thinking of making a series on Newgrounds. I was going to call it Random Animashuns. I’ve already got some ideas.

Gun Fail: I man walks into a building. A man in a chair says “Now I have you!” Have pulls out double tommys and fires at the man. He misses. In anger he throws the guns away which both hit the guy he was shooting at. The  guy gets off the floor and says “Not cool, man!”. He pulls out a pistol but before he shoots the man in the chair says “Wait! Where did you get the gun. You didn’t have it a second ago.” The man with the pistol says “Didn’t you read the title?” “No, should I have?” He looks at the title screen he says “Oh crud.” *gun cocks* *BANG (white screen)*

Environmental Idiot: To men had their wives tell them to go grocery shopping. So, while their almost done one man gets a reusable bag. He comes up to the other man and says “Hey, Jim, i have a question.” “Yeah, what?” “Well, I just got this new reusable bag but I don’t know what to put it in.” *Jim smacks his forehead*

So, what do you think?



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