Un-needed Wisdom #1

October 4, 2009

Never buy video games based on TV shows. They suck.



8 Responses to “Un-needed Wisdom #1”

  1. Yaekak Says:

    soooooo wrong

  2. Webawidow Says:

    well spongebob….fairly odd parents and alot of that crap…. BTW im trjkghghisawsome’s cousin

  3. trjkghghisawsome Says:

    heh those games suck……. but i got some

  4. trjkghghisawsome Says:

    welll i like 1 vs 100 and family fued…… those are kinda cool 🙂

  5. trjkghghisawsome Says:

    oh the phineas and ferb thing…my brother has it 😛

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