EA Online Sucks

October 19, 2009

OK, so I recently got Battlefield: Bad Company, which pwns by the way, and still having a little bit of Xbox Live Gold left I wanted to play online. However, when I accepted the Terms of Service I got this error message “Your gamer profile does not have the right permissions to access the Xbox Live functionality” My reaction was pretty much this “……… WHAT THE FRICK?!?!?!” So, after about three days I found out that someone thirteen years or older has to sign the Terms of Service for any EA (Electronic Arts) online. So, basically, what they’re saying is this “OK, so you just bought Live, m’kay? Well, now after spending $70 for a wireless adapter and more moniez for teh Gold Live you’ve bought Madden 10, m’kay. (Madden was just and example, I don’t have it yet) So, now we make you make an account that’s 13+ just to sign a stupid agreement.” Yeah, the system sucks.



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