December 17, 2009

I have switched to Gmail for all my e-mailing purposes. Please check contact me for the address.



25 Responses to “Gmail”

  1. Pizza Says:

    I suppose this is because of me? 😐

    – Pizza

    *The one and only*

  2. squirtle189 Says:

    why would it be becuase of you pizza?

  3. Todd11921 Says:

    I don’t have Gmail. I heard that it’s just like ordinary e-mail! Why switch??

  4. Todd11921 Says:

    No it’s not.

  5. Todd11921 Says:

    You’re really confusing ya know?

  6. Todd11921 Says:

    Just a question, but what is Cox? Is it some bad e-mail thing or what?

  7. Todd11921 Says:

    So how is Gmail better than Cox? If Cox is all those things, how is Gmail better?

  8. Todd11921 Says:

    Oh I see now.

  9. Lulu5874 & Todd11921 Says:

    Hi Colin, we just wanted to know if you were a Christian. Do you go to church? Reply back to us if you want us to tell you a little bit about the Gospel, and if you don’t reply, we’re going to do it anyway. And we don’t really care if you kick us off this crummy blog. The videos on it won’t work and we’re basicly not aloud to get on YouTube. YOU DIDN’T EVEN ANSWER THE QUESTION ‘WHAT DOES CENSORED MEAN?’
    So if you are interested in learning more about the Gospel reply to us but if you don’t realize this :we’re gonna do it anway. We want as many people in Heaven as we can get!
    Lulu5874 and Todd THE GIRL 11921
    Peace, Love, and God

  10. Lulu5874 & Todd11921 Says:

    Hi Colin, if this comment shows up twice, it’s probably because our computer is slow and we didn’t see the comment appear where we tried to post it. So anyways, we wanted to know the following things:
    A- Are you a Christian?
    B- Do you even go to church?
    C- Do you believe there is a Heaven?
    If you’re answer is ‘NO’ to any question, we want to share the Gospel with you on you’re website. The videos on here don’t work, blah blah blah, etc. etc. etc.
    So in conclusion, reply if you want to learn more about the man that died on the Cross just for us, just know that if you don’t reply we’ll still talk about the Gospel anyways.
    Lulu5874 & Todd11921
    Peace, Love, and Jesus, the man who gives us all these things.

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