December 20, 2009

It started snowing at about 9:30pm on Friday. It didn’t stop until 11 or 12pm last night. So, in conclusion about 20″ of frickin’ cold awesomeness!!!



35 Responses to “Snow!!!”

  1. Lulu5874 Says:


    the word frickin’ was so last year its 2010 grow up and get a life like you said to me.
    and i’m not todd11921 and by the way i have a verry good life thank you verry much…

  2. Todd11921 Says:


  3. Todd11921 Says:

    Yea actually Lulu wasn’t kidding. It wasn’t a joke. And yea words can go out of style. People will use them for so long then people will stop using them. DUH!
    I was with Lulu when she posted the comment. But yea she’s still kinda mad from when you told her to “grow up and get a life” when you didn’t comment back or reply to any of her comments on Fluffycatfan.

    • Colin Says:

      OK, A- I tried to be nice at first. B- I commented back to about half the comments. And C – the word potato will NEVA go out of style.

  4. Todd11921 Says:


    • Todd11921 Says:

      Oh and yea, she even Said that she wasn’t me in this comment. So please don’t think I’m her at all because I never would say such things about you’re awesomeness. I think you’re a really nice guy and all Colin, but she BEGGED you to reply, but that’s Fluffycatfan, you don’t get on there anymore. She doesn’t go on you’re site anymore…just to say stuff. She really doesn’t read it, she just posts stuff on one thing because no one commented there and I guess she wants you to notice.
      So again in closing, I’m not [I repeat] I’m not Lulu5874, I’m Todd11921 and that’s it! Yes I know this comment is long!

    • Colin Says:

      I already told you I KNOW!!!!!!!

  5. Todd11921 Says:

    Well excuse me for not getting the comment!
    You keep replying on my messages talking to Lulu, so that would explain some confusion.
    And we use potato a lot, it’s a food. How can a food name go out of style.

  6. Todd11921 Says:

    are you mad at me??
    you keep saying ppl are cliche! you are ya know??
    just jking

  7. Todd11921 Says:

    Oh yea! You didn’t EVER reply to Lulu’s comments. BELIEVE ME

    • Colin Says:

      That’s because some were just saying “oh, your site is cool” and “nice post” or whatever. I don’t need to respond to those kinds of comments. I did back when I only got like 2 comments a week but now I get wayyyyyy more so I don’t respond to comments unless they’re asking me something.

      • Todd11921 Says:

        Yea right. On Fluffycatfan you didn’t actually ever reply to her comments, I’ve already said that, and she really wanted to talk to you, get to know you more, and I think you are a kinda nice guy, so can you PLEASE just say something to her on Fluffycatfan or on here, and she will flippin’ forgive you!

  8. Todd11921 Says:

    She asked you how you kept up with all you’re sites, and she asked when you’re birthday is, need I continue? So if you actually reply to one of her posts on Fluffycatfan, she’ll be satisfied and stop saying mean stuff about you’re site.

  9. Todd11921 Says:

    Good job Colin! 5 stars for being safe online!
    My dad keeps asking me who you are, I’ve never met you. I just told him that you were a dude that did Club Penguin stuff and now you have a new blog [or a new blog to me]
    *please note she didn’t actually say bad things about ur site*

  10. Todd11921 Says:

    Hi Colin.
    I’m glad that you are safe online. I try to be too. It’s a good thing too, cuz I don’t want no stranger showin’ up at my house ANY time soon!! Am I right or am I right??
    ROFL,LOL, I’m kinda tired. I think I’ll stop talking.

  11. Lulu5874 Says:

    I can be nice and I can be mean, and right now you’re on my bad side. I have REALLY bad anger issues, and so when you never EVER replied to any of my comments it made me kinda half mad and sad, cuz you always replied to Todd, my BFF, but never to me. You can even ask Todd if I have anger issues because I slapped her one time and so then that kinda ment my Tae-Kwon-Do was paying off. And really I only have a second degree black belt, on Fluffycatfan she accidentally typed that I was a three degree black belt when I wasn’t. I’ve never said this much, but I wanted to A-kinda apologize, B-wanted you cliche, and C-to tell you kinda how I feel.
    So peace love and hair grease for now.
    LULU 😀

  12. Lulu5874 Says:

    do you think that the world is going to blow up in 2012?
    and if we cut down all the trees in the world would we die?

    and if you said for question number two that we would die if all the trees were cut down then you got the wrong answer because trees only give us 2% of oxegyn the ocean gives us 98% of the oxygyn so we would still live.

    that’s it.

    Luluuuuuuuuuuuuuu5874 WHOO HOOOOO

  13. Alien # 12587 Says:

    Beep bop boop beep!
    Just joking. So I wanted to know if it took a long time to make this website cuz it’s awesome! Even though I am an alien, I have amazing taste in websites! CLUB PENGUIN RULES!
    Alien # 12587

  14. Lulu5874 & Todd11921 Says:


  15. Lulu5874 Says:

    Hey colin

    • Lulu5874 Says:

      Hi Colin, it’s Lulu. I was just wondering these two things-
      A- Are you a Christian?
      B- Do you go to church?
      If the answer to any of these two questions is no, then I want to share the Gospel with you. I really don’t care if I get kicked off, because the videos and posts are stupid anways. {no offense, Christians aren’t supposed to do that but I did it anways. And Christians aren’t supposed to cuss, but you do it anways if you are one.]
      So reply to me if you want to learn more about the Gospel and even if you don’t reply you need to know that I’m going to tell you about it if you like it or not.
      Peace Love and Jesus the peacemaker!
      Until you’re final dission,
      THE CHRISTIAN Lulu5874 😀

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