MW2 Pwns!!! Now Where’s My CoD 7?

December 21, 2009

OK, so as basically all of you know, Modern Warfare 2 is huge!! Now, the question is: What will CoD 7 be? Here are the facts: It’s not going to be made by Infinity Ward, it’s going to be made by Treyarch ever since CoD 2 they’ve switched out developers. Cod 1 & 2 – Infinity Ward, 3 – Treyarch, 4 – Infinity Ward, W@W – Treyarch, MW2 – Infinity War, CoD 7 – Treyarch. OK, that being said, Treyarch has announced working on CoD 7 so it is coming. So people think it may be Vietnam, which would be a nice change. It is most likely not going to be set in modern times since that’s Infinity Ward’s thing. CoD 7: Future Warfare, anyone? No? Screw you guys. But seriously, what will it be? Treyarch hasn’t announced anything yet about the game. Also, just throwing this out there, Infinity Ward does not know what their next game will be. Sorry guys, no news yet.



4 Responses to “MW2 Pwns!!! Now Where’s My CoD 7?”

  1. squirtle189 Says:

    iv’e never really cared for call of duty, i prefer team fortress 2 but i digress, but Im sure COD 7 is gonna be good for people who like it.

  2. Lulu5874 & Todd11921 Says:

    We wanted to know what a COD 1 and an MW2 pin is.
    Peace, love, and Jesus, the peacemaker
    Lulu 5874 and Todd11921

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