Frickin’ Plastic

December 29, 2009

OK, so this has happened to you all. You get a brand new toy, videogame, book, whatever and you’ve been waiting and are so excited… and then you break it. Well, that was me and Halo 2. I got a brand new copy of Halo 2 this x-mas (also got ODST) and I ripped the plastic on the outside. Not all the way, just a tiny rip. I was so pissed off but I’m over it now. Why? Poor people don’t even get videogames. Think about it: You don’t get into an online server – Oh, well, I guess I’ll go get some soda. They: Don’t get any water or food for the day – Oh well, I’ll just go hungry see what I mean? You have a right to be a little pissed that you broke your new thing at first, but don’t dwell on it. Besides, if it’s something like mine, the important thing is still fine example: broken game case, disc and booklet are fine. Damaged book cover, inside still readable. So just think about it. You’re pretty @#$% lucky, as it is.



5 Responses to “Frickin’ Plastic”

  1. Todd11921 Says:

    You told me to comment on one of your sites you actually commented on and posted stuff on so here I am! I read your first post and actually like Fluffycatfan better. I guess you won’t hear anything else from me because I’m tired of your cuss words.
    Goodbye 4 eva!
    Once you’re fan,

  2. squirtle189 Says:

    you sort of gave yourself a lesson in this post…

  3. Todd11921 Says:

    who me or colin?

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