Wasn’t This a Fantastic 24 Hours?

January 23, 2010

Alright, my past 1-ish day was fun and interesting. Starting with Friday: It was hippie day, and I wore a tie-dye shirt. I’m frickin’ hardcore. My friend (who I haven’t asked if I could share his name) bet his girlfriend he’d wear a big-*** wig the whole day for $10. He is now $10 richer. My other friend (who also hasn’t been asked if I could share his name) kissed his girlfriend by the bathroom and took lots of crap from the other guys, I defended him since he’s got balls. And a sleepover – watched Empliyee of the Month, play COD: MW 2 and Rock Band 2 and played Zombie Apocalypse (don’t ask) Oh yeah, now some of the bad stuff of Friday: took a math test and I freaking hate taking one every week, since I do 7th and 8th grade math, being ahead of everyone else. One of my best friends, Jesse, was absent.



3 Responses to “Wasn’t This a Fantastic 24 Hours?”

  1. Todd11921 Says:

    Funny post! I can’t believe it actually happened to you! You’re friend made an awesome bet, I would like to have $10, because I still owe my parents $20 for GHWT, and so I still haven’t paid them, I could use some extra money, but I think I’ll pay them on my own. (by the way, GHWT is Guitar Hero World Tour if you were asking)
    So I think it’s really fun that you’re friend did wear that wig…
    Anyways FANTASTIC 24 HRS is the funniest post I think that you have had in a long time!! Good work!

  2. squirtle189 Says:

    nice. šŸ™‚

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