i Can haz some Boredumsz?

February 20, 2010

Yeah………… I’m bored. Obviously. Well I’m level 69 in Modern Warfare 2 which is awesome. Aaaannnddddddd….I saw the Percy Jackson movie opening night 2 Fridays ago…



2 Responses to “i Can haz some Boredumsz?”

  1. Todd11921 Says:

    Hiya Colin! I really wanna see Percy Jackson…because number one the dude that plays the main character is SOOOO hot! And number two I think it looks good (Lulu doesn’t). It must be real cool to see a movie opening night…I bet the theater was PACKED with excited ppls…
    Congratz again, you r pretty lucky!
    -Todd 🙂

    • Colin Says:

      It was matinee but it was still sold out and me and my friends got crappy seats in the front row (sounds good, but it SUCKS). The movie was good, but the books are better. THEY GET HIGH ON FLOWERS: best part of the movie.

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