I can hazzz some Eckbox???!!#?!

March 15, 2010

Prease help, Ineed-a somewa who speak-a chinee, my son play eckbock and goh reh ring uh deh. Thanks to me good friend Ryan for that racist as @#%$ comment. Anyways, let’s talk games. Medal of Honor is going modern, yay! It looks like it’s ripping off Bad Company which ripped of Modern Warfare which ripped of Battlefield: Modern Combat… Anyways, moving on. Portal 2 is coming out, just finished Portal 1 which was great. Chell will be back, and of course, GLaDOS. Now, the Modern Warfare 2 map pack, The Stimulus Package, which contains 3 new macks and 2 from CoD4 is going to be 1,200 MS points for Xbox owners and (when it comes out months later) $15 for PS3 and PC owners. Which disappoints me, since I just spent that much on Portal: Still Alive. Leave in the comments how much of a rip off you think that is (if you think it’s one, if not then just say something else, it’s simple enough). What else…? Sonic 4, Fable 3, and (still) Project Natal are coming but I don’t want to bore you since if you’re like me you have the attention span of a dead potato with ADHD on steroids that just found something shiny.



3 Responses to “I can hazzz some Eckbox???!!#?!”

  1. squirtle189 Says:

    heh, red ring of death… interesting…
    wanna have a guess why its so INTERESTING?

  2. squirtle189 Says:

    i just read the rest!!!
    you finally played portal!!
    next up, half life 2!

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