New Video: YouTube Poop – Pancake Puffs

April 1, 2010

UPDATE: There are captions on the video now, if you didn’t understand it before, just go to captions and turn on English (not transcribed, since that’s a piece of crap)

Just watch, it’s funny.



2 Responses to “New Video: YouTube Poop – Pancake Puffs”

  1. squirtle189 Says:

    i remember the old version of this, lol.

  2. squirtle189 Says:

    also, where will you be putting those f***ing sticks? lol, it should say, WARNING! KEEP F***ING STICKS AWAY FROM ASS.

    … please note that we have added a consequence for failure, any contact with the chamber floor will result in a unsatisfactory mark on your permanent testing record, followed by death.

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