I will touch you!!!! i mean the ipod, not you….

April 12, 2010

Oh hi! So, I pretty much have every game I could possibly want right now (except maybe Rock Band 2, but I’m not picky… well that’s a lie but whatever) and I’m thinking about getting an iPod Touch. I’ve wanted one for… well, since they came out really. I have a Nano but that’s really only good for music and pictures. It’s OK for movies and the games are… ehhhh… yeah. Sooooooo, I’m getting a 32gb 3rd generation if I actually do get one. And my friends really like it, they say it’s fun fast and all that crap. So, my friend (who’s name I shall not mention) brought over his 2g Touch and we tried watching an Equals Three video since I had to show him my favorite show, but guess what. It took like 20 minutes to load that, like, 3 and a half minute video. He says it’s better at his house. But the internet (like browsing and stuffs) and the app store and all that is fine. It’s just YouTube. At my house… I mean, I could mooch off some of the about 6 or 7 wi-fi networks I can pick up at my house, but is there a reason. If it’s that there’s a password, I can take it off since it’s from, like you know, the government… So, please help. And I will give you a virtual cookie! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Screw you brownies. OMNOMNOM



3 Responses to “I will touch you!!!! i mean the ipod, not you….”

  1. squirtle189 Says:

    got street fighter 4 for Xbox. it’s a great game.

  2. squirtle189 Says:

    btw, ipod touches are really good, i’ve got one, its old but its got a s@$% load of apps.

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