Game Review: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

April 17, 2010

OK, here’s a game that literally parodies Modern Warfare 2 and challenges it at the same time. I’ve had it for a couple week now, so I definitely have a thorough playthrough of close the every aspect of the game. Alright, let’s start of with the story. The story in Bad Co. 2 uses the same old characters from the first game, but doesn’t take place after the ending of Bad Co. 1, it has a whole new story which I must say is improved by far. It’s a little bit shorter than the first one, but far more fun. The controls are tight, the action is smooth and varied, and the  voice acting (unlike 50% of all games) doesn’t suck! Let me tell you, without spoiling the game, it ends in a cliffhanger just like the last game but hopefully this one is actually, I dunno… FREAKING CONTINUED!!!!!!!!! That covers most of the single player, while fun, isn’t the main point of the game. The online is why I own this game. The destructible means mostly no campers. I’m not going to say there are none, but there are less. The aspect of leveling up each class as well as your general rank is good, yet annoying at times. The maps are huge which means it’s a really really really good idea to spawn on your teammates. 16 on 16 makes for a lot of fun and I am going out on a limb and risking getting #%$&!+* up by fanboys, but this is my new favorite online game. The controls are good, the aiming is not… how do I put this… bad, (AKA, good) but most of all it’s just fun. Jumping out of a friendly helicopter with your buddies and letting the driver get killed. Believe, you wont care if it’s bad for you team. It’s fun. The graphics are also good, not ground-breaking but very good. Sooo… here’s the verdict.


Oh yeah, if you don’t have Live or PSN (depending on your console) wait until you do.


2 Responses to “Game Review: Battlefield: Bad Company 2”

  1. squirtle189 Says:

    i only have street fighter 4 and halo 3 odst, anyway, i was meaning to tell you, do you remember the girl Sophie i was talking about? she has an xbox too, so i might try to be online with her as much as i can, but im still not online, but i want to be in time for halo reach.

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