Herro preazhe!

April 24, 2010

Sorry I haven’t posted since last Sunday but I don’t think that many people, like I’ve said before, I only have one fan. But that’s still a reason to post. On… Wednesday, yeah, I got Just Cause 2. It’s awesome and, yes, I have run over many, many police/civilians. Aaaaannnnnyyyyywayzzzzz… screw it, that should be a word.  So… yeah. Ooh, I am now successfully somewhat kinda not really partially am yes no somewhat behind on a project that counts for 50% of my grade. Crap. Hmm, maybe I should use my Twitter. Let’s see what was the last stupid piece of crap I posted there… “I favorited a YouTube video — Gravity Cats http://youtu.be/lDcqjVRGm1Q?a 35 minutes ago”. Psshh, that doesn’t count, last REAL post.

That’s what I freaking thought! But I do have 17 posts from YouTube. Hmm, only 17 uploads and/or favorites in 5 months? Not that many… anyways, I guess I’ll use Twitter more if my FREAKING XBOX would let me. @#%$ it, Microsoft you seriously need help. Speaking of Reach, May 3rd is coming!!!!!!!! You people gonna die, don’t even try. Now you’ve been caught up.



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