366 Days!!!

May 17, 2010

I’m mostly better, so I just remember this: yesterday this site turned one year old. Yayyyyyy!!!! This is my second oldest site that I regularly posted on, and my oldest one I still currently post on. The first was my Club Penguin site, and second was Club Peng, but now, it’s this site and my very un-regularly updated Sonic site, The Blue Blur. Aaaaanyways, I can’t believe it’s been a whole year of this site, even though I used to only post every week or two, it’s now my most favorite site. Of course, only about 2,500 views in 365 days, whereas my CP site had at least 15,000 in that time, or more, I can’t remember. And after being abandoned for almost six months now it’s STILL getting more views than this site does in a week. Just… why? Even though it has decreased in views ever since I left (click here to see!, and it still looks kinda like Virginia) and this site… has too… (click here) whatever, if you have any friends that might like my site, PLEASE tell them about this! Also, today is the day YouTube turns five. Only five, it seems like it’s always been there for me. LOL, just kidding. Because of this sites no REAL need to be updated on a tight schedule like my CP site (I still remember waking up at 6:00AM to check on what’s  new) and my comics (new… comics… EVERY DAY!!!!! JAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!) I can update as often or as un-often (how else should I put it?) as I want. I think I’ll probably keep this site for many, many years. And, even though it’s a curse for me, here’s to another year. And now some cool facts about meh websitez!!

-The #1 and usually the only referrer to this site is fluffycatfan.wordpress.com, my old CP site

-My top viewed day is Saturday, January 16, 2010, which racked an “amazing” 60 views, in contrast to my Club Penguin site who’s busiest day was Friday, August 8, 2008 which got 540 views, which is over 1/4 the amount of total views on this total site.

-The most comments by one person on this site is by squirtle189 who racks 75 of the 358 comments (as of… now)

-I have used 5+ usernames on WordPress including thunderclanfan (my ACTUAL username), Catdude, Fluffycatfan (my CP one), Fluffy (shortened CP one) ~Colin~, Colin (ooh, it’s sooooo much different from the last one!!!). And… I can’t remember the rest.

-This site has 181 posts (that includes un-published posts and removed ones)

-Out of those 181 posts, 106 of them have an exclamation points

-69 of them have question marks

-Out of every single one of the posts there are only 2 that don’t don’t have the letter “A” in them

-And…*laughs* 14 are about Halo, my favorite of which is entitled “Camp… FREAKING HALO!!!” who link is https://itsmehlife.wordpress.com/2009/07/14/camp-fing-halo/ yes “fing” why is that? originially was entitled Camp…F***ing Halo. Yes, I changed it.

-I’ve always had the same theme… oohhh, I’m lazy, yayyy!!!

Those are some awesome facts, if you want to know anything else about the site, just leave a comment and do my best to answer it. Well, that was my extra long one-year post. So, as I said before, here’s to one more year.


3 Responses to “366 Days!!!”

  1. squirtle189 Says:

    wow, a year huh…
    so i got the first warriors book, i cant stop reading!

    ignore this down here its a test


  2. squirtle189 Says:

    wait a sec 75 comments! wow, thanks for the mention!

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