The iphone gamez @ e3 while I’m lazy!

June 3, 2010

Wassup! Haha, I misspelled a misspelling. What’cha gonna do about that, foolz? Anyways, I’ve got a good post for you (and by you I mean whoever is out there, it’s like looking into school on Christmas. Dead empty) today. So first off, the iPhone will no longer has unlimited data. Pretty much a wtf moment. Basically, you can get 250MB/month or 2GB/month. If you go over, you’re charged extra. I mean, if you’re in most places, you’ll use wi-fi anyways, and how many people use over 2GB while not at their house, someone else’s house, or a restaurant? Hopefully not too many people, ’cause otherwise AT&T will have a lot of un-happy people. On a happier note (yes, in the internet world that qualifies as scary-as-crap) E3 is coming. Of course, I don’t have G4 so I’m going to mooch off my friend’s cable. Heh… And also, sorry that there haven’t been a lot of posts recently. I’ve been having a lot of-oh, screw this, I’m just lazy. But once I have an iPhone I will be able to be charged extra for these posts. Wait, how does that make me less lazy? SCREW YOU AT&T!!!



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