Makeoverz are for girlz, zis is a renovating

June 4, 2010

As you can see, I changed my site. Like, a lot. First and the most obviously, is the theme. It’s different! Thank God, those spinny colors were starting to give me nightmares, am I right, huh? No? Oh, well screw you. Aaaaanyways, I changed the title from “It’s My Life: Blogged” to “Most Likely The Best Blog in the World”. Do you have a better name? Wait you do? *silenced gunshot* Anyone else? Didn’t think so. Also, I actually added a description. It’s very descriptive “I blog, and stuff, so yeah”. And the compressed “About Me” is gone. Also, since It’s been more than a year, the archived post (the months one) is in dropdown form now, so it doesn’t take up half the screen. And the copyright is different. Not much, but just a subtle thing. I also updated the pages all a little. Once you read this, I may have already picked another theme, but hey. I’m still trying to find the best one, so just hang in there while (as my friend Jesse and I always say) I d*** around.

Colin <—— New signature


2 Responses to “Makeoverz are for girlz, zis is a renovating”

  1. squirtle189 Says:

    i like the new layout.
    play this game

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