And then he sliced, and sliced, and sliced again. The End

June 12, 2010

If you don’t know, then let me tell you: I love Star Wars. I was ecstatic about getting Force Unleashed 1 on my PS2. I loved every second of it. I rented the DS version. I loved both of the hours I spent playing it (yes, it was a freaking short game). I am really tempted to get The Ultimate Sith Edition for my 360. And I definitely pre-ordering TFU2 (still debating between regular or collectors) and then I went on Amazon to see if they had it for cheaper (they did) and I found something I had totally forgotten to think about: the book. Before TFU1 came out, I went to Target and bought the first copy of the book I could find. Now… THEY’RE MAKING A BOOK FOR THE 2ND ONE!!!! WOOO!!!! So, yeah, I’ll be picking that up right after The Red Pyramid (new series by Rick Riordan). Wow, this whole post was one big effing advertisement. I should get paid for this crap.



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