Its da best day evaaaa

June 23, 2010

OK, tomorrow’s the last day of school, but today was probably one of my favorites. So… the whole day was just a big party. I brought my DS, I went crazy with Jesse, me and my other friend Trieu were the only ones in the class to watch US score in the World Cup. Umm, all the desks were in a big pile so me, Jesse, and Analise (she’s a girl in our class) were just laying under it. So, that was fun. What else was there? Oh yeah, we had a super-long recess so me and my friend Nick sad in this tube-thing that we used to sit in in 4th grade and could fit comfortably, of course, we had to cram ourselves in there now. Tomorrow is probably going to be sad, since it might be the last time I see my friend John, since he’s moving, but I still have his iPod texting number and his gamertag. Today was probably my favorite day in school.



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