Sports Fans Can’t Handle Being Sports Fan

February 19, 2011

Hi, alright, so I know my being a Packers fan may contradict this, but I like team ’cause they’re my teams, not because they’re good. Every team (excluding the Packers) I like are either bad or mediocre. In no particular order, here they are. NFL: Packers, Browns. NBA: Cavaliers, Bucks. MLB: Nationals, Indians. And, no, I don’t watch soccer or hockey. Also, these exclude NCAA teams that I like. So, for all you people who like the Lakers just ’cause they’re better than you’re local team, 1. ROOT FOR YOUR LOCAL TEAM; 2. When (not if) they eventually get bad, don’t change teams, keep rootin’ for ’em; 3. CAVS WIN!!!!!



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