September 1, 2010

Update: new Nano and shuffle THE NANO HAS TOUCH!!!!

As far as I know, I’m one of the first people to post about this: there is a new iPod Touch coming out!!!! loookkk!!!!! Yay!



No One!!!!

August 28, 2010

God, no one comes here anymore…


Super Battlefield

August 19, 2010

HI! So I was looking at today at what do I notice? Battlefield Bad Company 2 Ultimate Edition. It’s pretty much the same game, except with limited edition guns, AND Battlefield 1943. That enough would be enough to buy it, but then there’s the downloadable Onslaught mode. So, basically, it’s a limited edition BC2 with $30 of free stuff on it. I would go out and buy this right now if you don’t have this. Seriously… right now. So yeah. Bye!


Happy Birthday to me!!!

August 18, 2010

Hi! So, I heard some of the most awesome news… not really, but whatever. Portal 2 is coming out on my birthday! Happy birthday to me! 😀 What else… pre-ordering Reach, if I can get enough money. So yeah. Go Valve! Ummm… follow me on 360 Voice, it’s a thing where your Xbox blogs for you, it owns. Not working yet, but it should be functioning tomorrow (August 19) or the next day (August 20). Here’s link. Also, I’ve been listening to Drunk Tank… a lot. That’s all. See ya!


Blog Sloowwwdowwwnnnnn

August 17, 2010

Hi! Well, obviously my site isn’t too popular. I literally thought I was going to make this my quitting post a couple secons ago, but I don’t want to. But seriouslyt, I need more views. Maybe I just tag random crap. Hmmm… maybe today is young asian taco for free torrent download all-legal free music pr0n. Yeah, I don’t think so. Anyways, I forgot to say that I’m on vacation in Ohio. So yeah. Umm, well, today I watched the new episode of Red vs. Blue (like always). Right now I’m using Windows 7, since there’s no Mac’s here, and it’s pretty freaking cool, honestly. So that’s all. Bye!



August 11, 2010

I have finally reached 3,000 views! Everyone who reads stand up and scream OORAHH!!! [insert crickets chirping noise here]. Huh. Well, anyways, I guess 3,000 ain’t too bad, even though my Club Penguin site got that many every two weeks… Well, screw it, I don’t care, this is still the most besterest blog of all time! W00T!!!


No Postsss!!!!

August 8, 2010

Yeah, sorry  haven’t posted in a while. So, let’s see what’s happened… Well, I got Fable 2, my 360 headset broke, probably getting GOW and/or GOW2 tomorrow (along with a new headset), had 3 sleepovers in the past 2 weeks, aaand…. I think that’s it. Maybe. I think. Yeah, that’s good.